Entertainer  Extraordinaire
Corporate Events & Trade Shows, Festivals & Edutainment
30+ years Professional Entertainer




Do you need an Energetic Juggler, Physical Comedian, Educational Character, Uptown Clown, Mime, or Just a Fun Personalized Show?

Juggling is about matter in motion, but what matters most is the action suggested by the theme, the scene, and the host. I am a chameleon of character, prop, skill and technology. I have played everything from: a juggling chef promoting gas powered appliances in luxury condominiums to a mime expressing the suggested "Out of the Box" theme for a moving company (the booth won best of show ) Recently, with the help of their excellent PR and entrepreneurial vision has found many applications for my skills through the "We Do the Juggling for You" metaphor

Booth wins Best of Show
Create and maintain attention
at a convention booth.

World Clay Court Championship
Promoting Luxury condominiums
and Gas powered appliances

Silent Auction
Theme Assimilation 
and Client Appreciation

Energy, Excitement, and the Unexplained Phenomenon
Attention Getting Activity for Any Promotion or Event